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Paddock School

Transition to Secondary


At Paddock School we know that a successful transition is very important for our pupils. We work to ensure that the process is as smooth and anxiety free as possible.

We work in partnership with our primary school and other settings to provide a transition programme during the summer term. This takes the form of four mornings (over four weeks) to familiarise new pupils with the school environment, staff and other pupils.  Additionally we visit pupils in their current setting/undertake home visits.

The period of transition is personalised and depends on the individual needs of a pupil. We meet parents, current class teachers and any other professionals involved with a child to gain as much information as possible and ease any worries or concerns parents and pupils may have.

We benefit from being a small school as all staff know every pupil. Transition each year to a new class is therefore easier for the pupils as they work with the majority of staff throughout the school.  We organise a transition day during the summer term to familiarise the children with the new classroom environment and organisation.

We are very flexible and willing to offer additional transition sessions or visits to other schools if it is felt this will benefit a pupil.