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Paddock School

Secondary School

Key Stage 3 & 4 : Central, District, Circle, Jubilee, Bakerloo and Northern

Post 16: Metropolitan, Piccadilly and Victoria

School opening times for pupils: 9.15am - 3.15pm

The Secondary School consists of 9 classes and each class has a class teacher and a support staff team. The classes are named after tube lines to reflect our location in London and our pupils' love of the transport system.

Key Stage 3 and 4 Departments

In the Key Stage 3 and 4 Departments, the students continue to work from individual programmes of identified learning targets, devised to meet their specific educational needs. Our Curriculum is topic based and taught through the six areas of the National Curriculum. Examples of our exciting topics are: Shopping, Around the World, The 20th Century, My Home Life and Let me Entertain You! 

A modern foreign language (currently French) is introduced at Key Stage 3, for pupils for whom it is appropriate. Although the structure of the classes and organisation of the day is very different at Secondary level, strategies and teaching methods, which have been used successfully in the Primary Department, for example, PECS and TEACCH, will continue throughout the school.

Separate subject teaching is introduced for some of the classes in the Secondary Department. The students will stay in their classes for some sessions, including English and Maths sessions, Science and Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship (P.S.H.E.C.) For other subjects; Art & Design, Music, Drama and Physical Education (P.E.) the students are ability grouped. Some subjects will be taught weekly (P.E., Music and R.E.) and the others will be taught termly which will be explained in greater detail by individual timetables. Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T.) is taught as an integral part of all subjects and as a separate subject in ability Groups.

This timetabling design is to facilitate an inclusive education whereby all students are given access to an appropriate curriculum and lessons and activities differentiated to meet individual learning needs. Teaching this way will ensure that not only are all the subjects being taught (a statutory requirement) but also that the students get the opportunity to be taught by, and respond to other teachers, thereby broadening their experiences.

After lunch, instead of outdoor play, the Secondary students are offered a choice of activity ‘Lunch Clubs’. Examples of these activities are: aerobics, art, dance, football, drama, music, reading, craftwork, board games, aromatherapy and ICT. These are informal sessions, run by all staff, designed to help the students to use their free time appropriately and make choices.

We continue to have an enriched Curriculum in the Secondary Department. All classes have curricular trips to places of interest and enjoyment. There are many sporting events over the year in which we enter teams. We have purchased outdoor gym equipment which the students enjoy using regularly.  We also have a School Choir and later this academic year, we will be performing at The Royal Festival Hall. The School Council continues to be very proactive in the department. We have links with the Royal Shakespeare Society and once again this year a group are performing ‘Twelfth Night' in the Shakespeare Schools Festival. We also have a tutor from The Royal Academy of Dance who takes some classes for dance sessions and teachers who offer weekly yoga and dancing sessions.

Off-site provision includes: The School Allotment, Holly Lodge, Lady Allen Adventure Playground, Putney swimming pool, visits to the local area (e.g. shops and Barnes Common) and trips on the Fun Bus. Pupils may also take part in themed based outings and we’ve been lucky be invited to watch panto at Wimbledon Theatre for the past few years. When involving pupils in offsite trips the learning and sensory needs and level of enjoyment for each pupil is considered.

Sex and Relationships Education is a statutory requirement, which must be offered at Key Stage 3. It is offered as part of the Personal, Social and Health Education programme and is ability grouped and very carefully personalised. Some parts of the programme are gender grouped. The programme covers hygiene, self care skills, aspects of growing up and personal safety. Parents are welcome to ask for a copy of the Policy Statement and plans.


Pupils who attend Paddock School have a variety of different needs. It was therefore felt that more than one reading scheme and a variety of approaches were needed to enable all learners to progress with their reading.

We have investigated a variety of Reading Schemes and have decided that the ‘One Scheme Fits All’ approach does not work at Paddock. At the Secondary School we use the 'Read, Write Inc' Scheme for pupils P7 and above, which teaches phonological awareness and blending skills in a practical and fun way as well as the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme.

Phonics is the key to opening up the reading world e.g. to read other languages. However, it is very difficult for some pupils with SEN to master (e.g. pupils with Autism and Downs Syndrome). It is important to evaluate how much focus is placed on Phonics and maintain a balance with sight words, book appreciation and guessing from context. We also use 'See and Learn' for pupils who need the focus to be on sight reading instead of phonetical sounds and blending. Additionally pupils are given opportunities throughout their day to access environmental print, sensory stories, personalised books and audio books.

Key Stage 5 Department (Post-16)

Students in our Post-16 (Key Stage 5) Department also have Individual Education Plans. They follow ASDAN Accredited Course Work Schemes and Entry Level Qualifications, depending on interest and ability. They follow an Applied Curriculum that involves Food Technology, Horticulture, Transport Training, Spanish, Literacy, Numeracy and ICT and numerous community links. Students in this department are offered regular on and off-site work experience opportunities that are personalised to their needs. These include working in our school shop and café, working at a factory in New Malden where they make poppies and boxes and working as trainee Teaching Assistants at our Primary School. They follow a separate topic each term to those pupils in the main Secondary School.

Post 16 Policy

Our vision at Paddock School is to ‘Nurture, Inspire and Transform Lives’. We are a UNICEF Rights Respecting Level 2 School and ensure that we: Put Pupils Interests First, Show Commitment to the Community, Attract and Only Retain Excellent Staff, are Always Innovative and Respect and Show Fairness to All.

The main Ethos of the Secondary School is as follows:-

Students are positively encouraged to:

  • develop skills for independent learning – develop responsibility for their own learning
  • build up self esteem and confidence
  • develop responsibility for their own behaviour
  • become effective communicators, with the ability to express needs, make choices, assert opinions etc.
  • develop meaningful and reciprocal relationships of a mature nature
  • begin to utilise their leisure time purposefully and appropriately
  • respond to the educational challenges set for them by using their initiative and learning to think for themselves.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into the working of the Secondary School. At all times, the individual student’s physical, social and spiritual needs, as well as their educational and therapeutic needs will be of paramount importance. Students of all abilities will be taught within their capabilities, and at the same time, stretched to achieve their full potential.