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To Nurture, Inspire and Transform Lives
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FOPS- Friends of Paddock School

Friends of Paddock School Leaflet

About The Friends of Paddock School

Paddock School is a Special Day School on two sites in Wandsworth that caters for approximately 207 pupils from 3 to 19 years of age with:

  • Severe or Complex Learning Difficulties; or
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder with Moderate to Severe Learning Difficulties.

Paddock aims to nurture, inspire and transform the lives of the pupils and provide high quality specialist education.

This charity - the Friends of Paddock School - work closely with the staff, parents and carers to help provide extra opportunities for the pupils and families of Paddock School which they otherwise would not have, including:

  • helping to provide funding for trips and educational visits;
  • purchasing a range of specialist equipment for use at school; and
  • organising activities for children who attend Paddock School and their families.


We are currently fundraising for Two Minivans - our biggest campaign yet!

Registered Charity Number - 1051094

If you're interested in joining them to help, please contact Georgina Hania, our Family Liaison Officer, email:


If you want a donation to be made to Paddock School every time you buy on line, at no cost to you, just go to the website first!  You can then access thousands of online services and shops, including Amazon, Sainsbury's, Asda, Boots, Marks and Spencer's etc etc.

It's easy to join up.

1. Create an account giving your email address as your user name or through a social media account.

2. Fill in your personal details.

3. Select 'Causes to support'.  Type in Paddock School London.  It comes up 100% giving to Paddock School.  You can do this, or split your gift with another charity.

4. Tick 'terms and conditions'.  Then you are ready to go shopping.