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Family Liaison Officer

   Georgina Hania has been our Family Liaison Officer for more than 10 years and     is always happy to be contacted to discuss any issues you may have. 

   She has worked with the children at Paddock School for many years and is very     experienced in helping children with their toilet training, feeding issues, communication programs and sensory development. 

Being extremely supportive, she is happy to talk to families who are experiencing life changing events such as bereavement, a family break up or any other crisis if you feel you cannot share with your child’s class team. 

Georgina arranges a number of regular sessions such as supporting families including;

  • how to apply for grants, benefits or charitable funding
  • family information sharing sessions  
  • and family visits to classes to join in sessions with your child

She also co-ordinates training sessions for families which include training from therapists and school staff as well as experts from the community.  If there is any training that you would like to attend, there may be an opportunity for us to offer it in school, so please do let us know. 

Acting as the main school contact for FOPS (Friends Of Paddock School), Georgina is always grateful for the support FOPS receive from families to arrange fantastic events throughout the year for Paddock children and their families to attend.  If you would like to contribute your time to FOPS, we look forward to hearing from you. 

Georgina can be contacted through the school office or on haniag@paddock.wandsworth.sch.uk