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Equality Objectives

Equality and Diversity Policy


Action to be taken




Parents and carers know how to make a complaint of discrimination, harassment and/or victimisation.


Pupils know how to make a complaint of discrimination, harassment and/or victimisation.

To make a parent friendly version of the Complaints Procedure on the website.

To have posters around the school and leaflets that can be given to parents at workshops.




Pupil friendly versions of a complaints form made available to pupils and they are supported to use these if necessary.


July 2020

Complaints Policy


Look at other schools’ parent friendly versions.

Nerys/Barbara/Sarah to work on this.


Mandy to help with website.


Governors to review Complaints Procedures as priority (should have been updated June 2018)


Governors to review Equality and Diversity Policy as priority (should have been updated Nov 2018?)


Parents will know how to make a complaint of discrimination, harassment and/or bullying.


They will clearly know the procedures to report this simply if necessary.


Pupils will know how to make a complaint of discrimination, harassment and/or bullying and will be supported to do this.

Staff know what a prejudice related bullying incident looks like and how to report it.

Following on from March INSET, staff are given 2 training briefings on how to identify, respond to and challenge prejudice related incidents.


Make clear to staff about how these will be dealt with, that this is not a blaming and shaming exercise and what the possible outcomes of a complaint might be.


Review Anti-Bullying Policy to identify how bullying may look for children with SLD and give examples of what may be intentional or unintentional bullying.

July 2020

2 training briefings on responding to PRI. (Barbara)


Governors to look at Anti Bullying policy and review as priority (should have been updated Nov 2018)

All staff are confident about what a PRI looks like. They know how to challenge this and how to report it.


All members of the school community are clear about how prejudice related bullying incidents might present among our pupils and how to respond to these.


The Anti Bullying Policy will make this clear.

Paddock School is a positive environment where people of different sexual orientations and people not conforming to gender stereotypes are valued and included.

To continue to develop a robust RSE curriculum across both sites which includes LGBT and transgender issues.


Curriculum development, lesson planning, resources and displays are made inclusive of LGBT and those who are non-gender conforming.


Rainbow staff lanyards offered to everyone.


Addition of non gendered toilet signage

Easter 2021




May INSET onwards




Reading group to assess books


Work with RSE curriculum group and outside agencies.


Premises manager and Gary consulted.

Any member of the school or visitor will be aware that Paddock School is committed to including and valuing people of different sexual orientations and those not conforming to gender stereotypes.


Parents are aware of Paddock School’s RSE curriculum and are consulted with about this.


Parents are given an opportunity to raise concerns and the school attempts to  clarify it’s intention.

Staff who feel victimised, bullied or harassed as a result of parents’ concerns/opinions are adequately supported.

Consultation with parents around new RSE curriculum.





Following that, workshop for parents to talk about concerns, held by external agency facilitator.


To develop a clear system of support for staff who feel victimized, bullied or harassed as a result of parent’s concerns/opinions. Staff to be clear about making a complaint and responding to it.


Safe to talk to identified staff?

July 2020

RSE curriculum group.


Georgina and Nikki from Free2be involved in workshop for parents.








All parents are aware of the school’s RSE curriculum and the current legislation.


All parents have an opportunity to raise concerns and discuss them.






All staff feel supported after any incident of victimisation or bullying.

The school curriculum, lesson planning, resources and the physical environment are inclusive of people of all backgrounds.




The school calendar includes a more extensive variety of cultural/religious celebrations eg lunches.

May INSET to focus on developing lesson plans and teaching materials that include people of different backgrounds.


When lesson plans and teaching materials are developed, staff to focus on including examples that challenge stereotypes.


Books audit and books ordered that are inclusive.


Displays around the school audited and adapted to include all background.


To develop more cultural event days such as Eid, Passover or Chinese New Year lunch for whole school.

May 2020




May INSET onwards – April 2021




July 2020




July 2020









Reading group



Equalities team to look at displays across both sites.


Whole school staff meeting to plan celebration/lunch days

The school’s curriculum, lesson plans and resources will be reflective and inclusive of different backgrounds.


Displays around the school will also reflect above.



All pupils regardless of cultural/ religious background fell valued, visible and included.

The school has a clear policy on how to support pupils and families with EAL.









The school holds parent meetings/groups particular language/cultural background.

To update and review EAL policy.


To have named person(s) who are responsible for finding out levels of EAL support needed for new pupils and families to the school.


To have a poster with pictures of staff and caption “My name is …. and I speak ….” For parents when they come in to school


To plan a Somali parents group.


To hold a Somali parents group and plan further ones with help from parents.


To further expand these groups to other languages if applicable.

July 2021












July 2020


Dec 2020



July 2021

Governors to help with policy.






Mandy to help with poster.



Georgina, Barbara and interested members of staff/parents to help plan.

All pupils and families with EAL feel well supported in the school.