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My Wider Skills

Wider Skills are an essential part of our curriculum to prepare all pupils for life beyond our school community. The Wider Skills curriculum promotes independence so that pupils can be as self-reliant as possible in adulthood. Wider skills aims to promote the learning and development of our pupils to allow them to access the next stage of education, training or employment. 

We recognise the importance of physical development for our learners’ overall well-being and we support them in developing their physical abilities in a safe and inclusive environment. Our curriculum includes activities and experiences that promote gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and sensory integration. Adapted P.E. sessions are taught across the school promoting physical fitness, social interaction, and enjoyment of physical activities. 

Emotional regulation is a fundamental aspect of our wider skills curriculum, supporting children in understanding and managing their emotions effectively. Zones of Regulation is an approach used to provide our learners’ with tools and techniques to identify, express, and regulate their feelings in various contexts.  

Many of our learners have sensory processing difficulties. The world is therefore a difficult place to interpret and interact in. We use a range of approaches including sensory diets, sensory circuits, sensory tools (ear defenders, chewy toys, weighted jackets, bear hugs, specialised seating etc.) and opportunities to engage in sensory play to ensure the learners are able to regulate their sensory system and therefore be ready to learn.  

Off-site learning experiences are integrated into our wider skills curriculum to provide learners with opportunities for application of skills in different context, real-world exploration and development of community skills, such as road safety. There are a broad range of off-site experiences on offer as pupils move up through the school that inspire curiosity and promote personal and academic growth beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. 

RSHE is a vital component of our wider skills curriculum, promoting the development of healthy relationships, personal well-being, and understanding of self and others. We deliver developmentally appropriate RSHE lessons that are adapted to meet the specific needs and abilities of children with severe learning difficulties, using visual supports, simplified language, and sensory materials as needed.