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My World

The enrichment area, My World, is implemented using a cross curricular approach to cover a range of subjects including: science and humanities (knowledge and understanding of the world), the arts, religious education and computing. These areas of learning aim to develop our pupils’ understanding of the world around them, offering meaningful ways to develop their knowledge in line with our Learner Aspirations. A rolling programme of coverage ensures that pupils have access to a breadth of KUW learning experiences at an appropriate level to meet the individual learning needs of our pre-formal, semi-formal and formal learners. We use these broad range of experiences as a tool for engagement and to support application of core skills in different contexts.  

Religious Education:

Developing awareness of different religions is an important part of how our pupils develop their understanding of the world around them. It is a statutory duty for all maintained schools to teach RE, but parents have the right to request withdrawal. You need to contact  foh@paddock.wandsworth.sch.uk to request an appointment if you would like to discuss withdrawing your child.

Please find out more about the Religious Education offer at Paddock here:

Religious Education at Paddock School