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The teaching of Mathematics at Paddock School supports pupils to develop the functional numeracy skills they need to prepare them for life beyond school.   

We provide pupils with a broad range of engaging activities to enable them to develop their mathematical understanding based on their individual starting points.  

The maths curriculum is structured to enable pupils to have opportunities to practise and revisit areas of learning in order to consolidate concepts. We provide opportunities to ensure that the skills pupils learn in structured contexts are generalised into a wider range of situations and independent tasks. 

Maths is taught in a very concrete way and this practical approach to our teaching leads to mathematics being an integral part of all areas of our curriculum, in each learner pathway. For example, dedicated Maths sessions, pupils making requests using quantity/size attributes at snack, weighing ingredients in cooking, using a timer during exercise etc.   

  A rolling programme of coverage ensures that pupils have access to a breadth of numeracy learning experiences at an appropriate level to meet the individual learning needs of our pre-formal, semi-formal and formal learners. Numeracy trackers are used for each pupil to ensure their learning experiences are progressive and allow teachers to identify any potential gaps in understanding. 

Numeracy Whole School Curriculum Coverage