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Drama is an integral part of life at Paddock School both in the classroom and in a wider school context and is used to help engage pupils of all abilities in their education throughout the day. The school has a number of sensory stories that are used to engage sensory learners and help bring stories to life for them. The more able students take part in Drama ability groups once a week, where they encouraged to develop friendships with a wide variety of other children from different classes; these sessions incorporate drama games which have a strong focus on developing social skills and confidence.

We are very lucky to take part in the annual Shakespeare Schools Festival which is the UK’s largest youth drama festival. Each year a range of students with varying backgrounds and abilities come together and create an adapted Shakespeare play which they perform in a professional theatre in front of a paying audience of up to 1,000 people!  

This students work exceptionally hard for 5 months to create and perform their own version of the Shakespeare play being performed at The Rose Theatre, Kingston. Their journey from start to end is always amazing to see - all students show maturity in their performances and grew in confidence, working together and helping each other on stage. 

Some feedback from the audience:

They were behaving with such a mature presence, with huge great smiles & wonderful singing and dancing - it really was such a pleasure to watch. I'm so proud see what amazing things they can accomplish.’
Your students were full of enthusiasm and their energy and the enjoyment of the play was palpable.  It was a joy to see your cast telling this lively story with the sense of fun and playfulness that it deserves, and I felt each actor had a great sense of character’