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Paddock School


Paddock School teaches a modified version of the National Curriculum through termly topics. Each term, teachers develop a curriculum plan for each pupil which lists the targets that pupils are to meet in each session. The targets are assessed and annotated termly and shared with parents.

The curriculum reflects the way the children at Paddock learn. Learning takes place within a structured environment with great emphasis on communication, self help, emotional regulation and also appropriate behaviour. The children and young people at Paddock find it hard to generalise, but they can and do learn through repetition.

All learning is by carefully graded steps. The curriculum stems from all experiences that are designed to develop skills, knowledge, attitudes, ideas and information both for and in the children and young people. The curriculum therefore is all the things that are provided for the children both inside and outside of the classroom.


If you would like to discuss find out more about our curriculum, please contact your Head of School.