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Paddock School

Admissions Arrangements to PRIMARY AND SECONDARY

Paddock School admissions policy is in line with Wandsworth Borough Special Needs Assessment Team. For all admissions queries please contact admissions@paddock.wandsworth.sch.uk

In order for a child to be enrolled into Paddock School, a number of criteria need to be fulfilled. It is important to realise that not all criteria are specifically centred on the child for whom enrolment is being considered. How that enrolment affects the balance and mix of the receiving class and the school as a whole must also be taken into consideration, as must the commitment and wishes of the parents for the placement

Child Centred Criteria

  1. Diagnosis should place the child within the ASD or SLD continuum.
  2. If the papers do not explicitly state autism, or severe learning difficulties, then the condition must be implicit from the information presented.
  3. A preliminary assessment indicates that placement would be appropriate.

School Centred Criteria

  1. The enrolment of a child should not take the year group significantly over establishment.
  2. The ability of the teaching team to deliver the curriculum should not be markedly affected by the enrolment of a new pupil.
  3. The mix of the group should not be adversely affected.

Family Centred Criteria

The parents/carers must be content with the placement.

Assessment and Induction Process for Children and Parents

  1. The papers are received from Wandsworth Special Needs Assessment Section (SNAS), with a recommendation for enrolment. They are examined by the Head of School and appropriate staff to ensure:-
    1. That the criteria for enrolment are met.
    2. In the view of the staff, there is a match between the needs of the pupil, and the provision of the school.
    3. After the parents agree the school, the following process takes place. The current setting is visited by the Head of School or other senior staff. They undertake a preliminary assessment of behavioural, educational and social needs of the prospective pupil. One of the factors that will be taken into consideration at this point will be the identification of any special facilities, or extra support that will be required for the child upon placement at Paddock.

1.The parents/carers are invited to come and view the school and meet the Headteacher, the Head of School or other senior staff. The aim is to ensure that the parents see the school and are agreeable with the placement, understand what the aim of the establishment is and what is going to be required of the child and themselves.

2.The School will then respond to SNAS, indicating if the child would be well placed at Paddock.

3.The Borough will then decide if the pupil is to be placed at Paddock School.

Once Paddock School has been named in part 4 of the statement / EHCP, the parents will be sent a welcome pack which includes information on the class staff and pupils, the home school agreement and various medical and permission forms.

Parents are invited to meet with the head of school, the class teacher and the school nurse to complete the forms together and develop a baseline assessment of the pupil.

Unofficial Visits

The school also operates a policy of unofficial visits. These are visits by parents/carers of a child who may be considering Paddock for placement. These visits may be self-referrals, or referrals from their own Education Authority. It is always emphasised to parents/carers that these visits are not part of the induction process. A placement for their child cannot be guaranteed, as the Wandsworth Special Needs Panel must be involved in the process.

Moving from Paddock Primary to Secondary

If your child is already at Paddock Primary School, you will need to repeat the above admission process to apply for a place at Paddock Secondary School.