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                         High Needs Funding for Children & Young People with SEND                               Click to find more information

    Parent/Carers who wish to speak to a member of staff, please e-mail  Please e-mail your name and telephone number and we will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

       Wandsworth Councillors bring           children's favourites books to life 

32 Wandsworth councillors from across the political spectrum have been filmed reading household favourites aloud in seven different videos which will be uploaded to the council’s YouTube and other social media accounts. 


Watch the first video here - The Gruffalo 

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         Singing Hands

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       We support families with the best            possible guidance and information.      We bring families together in local groups and on-line, to support each other by sharing experiences and advice

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Gina Davies is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist who turned her passion for communication development into practical and joyful intervention strategies for Parents/Carers of children with Autism.  

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 Voluntary Support in Merton, Sutton, Kingston, Richmond and Wandsworth

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   Letter to Parents                   from                       Robert Pearce                 Click Here

Ofsted Outstanding

Ofsted Outstanding

'There are very high levels of consistency in practice across the school's three sites, which the pupils benefit from throughout their school career ... Pupils make excellent progress, particularly in communication, reading, writing and mathematics ... Pupils are very well prepared for life after school.'

Ofsted September 2016             

 If you are unable to read this because English is not your first language please ask someone who speaks English to telephone the school on           020 8788 5648 for further information or help.


Haddii aadan awoodin inaad akhriso warqadan sababta oo ah Ingiriisi maaha luuqadaada koowaad, fadlan weydiiso qof Ingiriisi ku hadla si uu ugu soo waco dugsiga 020 8788 5648 wixii macluumaad dheeraad ah ama caawimo.


Se non riesci a leggere questa lettera perché l'inglese non è la tua prima lingua, chiedi a qualcuno che parla inglese di telefonare alla scuola al numero 020 8788 5648 per ulteriori informazioni o aiuto.


Se você não conseguir ler esta carta porque o inglês não é seu primeiro idioma, peça a alguém que fala inglês para telefonar para a escola no 020 8788 5648 para obter mais informações ou ajuda.


Si vous ne parvenez pas à lire cette lettre parce que l'anglais n'est pas votre langue maternelle, demandez à quelqu'un qui parle anglais de téléphoner à l'école au 020 8788 5648 pour plus d'informations ou d'aide.


Jeśli nie możesz przeczytać tego listu, ponieważ angielski nie jest twoim pierwszym językiem, poproś kogoś, kto mówi po angielsku, aby zadzwonił do szkoły pod numer 020 8788 5648, aby uzyskać dalsze informacje lub pomoc.


Si no puede leer esta carta porque el inglés no es su primer idioma, solicite a alguien que hable inglés que llame a la escuela al 020 8788 5648 para obtener más información o ayuda.