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Primary PE and Sports Funding

As a Healthy School, we are committed to PE and Games and to ensuring that the pupils have access to many opportunities to improve their health and fitness.

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Primary PE and Sport Funding Evaluation 2016-2017

Primary PE and Sport's Funding Evaluation 2015-2016

Primary PE and Sport Funding 2017-2018

Paddock School have received £3502.00 Primary PE and Sport Funding. Ofsted will monitor the impact of this funding on Primary PE and school sport.

 The impact of the funding will be considered in terms of:

o Achievement in weekly PE lessons

o Increased participation in competitive school sport

o Personal health and well-being

o Improved attitudes and behaviour towards learning

TOTAL SPEND 2017-2018 YEAR ON PRIMARY PE - £3502.00

Action Plan




Cost (£)

1.To employ a specialist dance teacher for all classes in Primary and Little Paddock to improve to the provision of physical activity and wellbeing for the benefit of all pupils.

Classes on a rota basis

For pupils to experience different ways of moving, keeping fit and enhancing their wellbeing.

For pupils to have greater enjoyment of movement and music, which could further enhance play time.

For pupils to have a greater awareness of how to keep healthy and the benefits of keeping healthy.


£3,700 approx 


2.To provide access to a safe outdoor adventure playground facility for individual pupils across the Primary school who require high levels of support, and may not be able to access other provision. 

(the One to One Adventure Playground Club)

Extra driver and minibus made available to transport student and support staff to Lady Allen Adventure Playground.


For students with a history of high levels of dysregulation, and little awareness of dangers to be able to access a range of stimulating outdoor play space and autistic – specific equipment.

Upkeep of school minibus.


3.Continue to be a member of the Wandsworth Sport’s Partnership Team in order to attend local sports events and competitions in the Borough


Anne, Helen and Matthew to attend the meetings and help to plan the events the pupils will be attending

As many pupils as possible are able to access school sports and meet and compete with pupils from other special schools.

4. Pupils in KS1 and KS2 to attend weekly swimming sessions at Putney Leisure Centre.

Classes on a rota basis

Pupils to build their water confidence and to encourage them to learn to swim.

Upkeep of school minibus

Payment of swimming lessons (no charge requested from parents)